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Get a Die-cast Replica of Famous Hot Rod

Danbury Mint announces the release of the highly anticipated McMullen Roadster replica.

Usually when a company talks about a product that has involved years of research and development, they are talking about an all-new model. In this case, when the Danbury Mint uses the phrase, it is talking about a brand-new model that is also a model. The company has just released the Limited Edition McMullen Roadster, a 1:24 scale die-cast car replica of one of the world’s most famous hot rods.

The Danbury Mint’s McMullen Roadster die-cast car goes to extremes to replicate all the key details that made the car what it was, including Ed “Big Daddy” Roth pinstriping, Stewart Warner gauges, a Bell steering wheel, and skull shifter. The engine is a precise duplicate of the 1962 Chevy 327-cubic-inch engine that included a Herbert cam, Thomas rockers, Ansen blower pistons, Reath boxed rods, Weiand intake manifold and a 4-71 GMC blower.

The original McMullen Roadster appeared on numerous magazine covers, including the April 1963 cover of Hot Rod magazine. It was the subject of many tech stories, and was featured on at least five album covers. Its image also appeared as the logo mascot on the cover of Street Rodder magazine for more than 20 years. Plus, the McMullen Roadster is arguably one of the most cloned hot rods ever. Designer Tom McMullen built three; Street Rodder built one for the 1997 Road Tour Program, and a full-scale half car was built for display in the Street Rodder editorial office.

“If you’re a die-cast collector, or simply love hot rods, this is one model you need to own,” says Tom Vogele -- former publisher of Street Rodder magazine -- of Danbury Mint’s die-cast car reproduction. “I can say with certainty that Tom McMullen would have been absolutely thrilled by this incredible replica of his beloved car. It’s a real beauty!”